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Tuesday on This is the Day

Jay Fadden and Kevin Nelson host from the CatholicTV living room.

  • Blink segment: "What's What in the Church" with the Altar Gang from Lumen TV
  • Interviews with author, blogger and catechist Marc Cardaronella and Gloria and Chuck Clough, co-chairs of the Celebration of the Priesthood dinner
  • Kate Andrews with the latest Catholic Newsbreak


Subscribe to The Pilot

Bishop Robert Reed announces a special deal for new subscribers to The Pilot, America's oldest Catholic newspaper.

Ordination 2016 | Catholic Foodie

 Bishops Robert Reed, Jay Fadden and Kevin Nelson host from the CatholicTV living room with a look back at Wednesday's Episcopal Ordination Mass.

  • Blink segment: "What’s What in the Church" 
  • Guest: Jeff Young, a.k.a. the Catholic foodie
  • Kate Andrews with the latest Catholic Newsbreak


Tuesday | 22nd Week | Ordinary Time

Catholic Mass celebrated by Father Chris O'Connor, Vice-Rector of St. John’s Seminary on August 30, 2016. Live and on-demand, today's Mass from

Passion of Saint John the Baptist

Catholic Mass celebrated by Father Dan O'Connell of Newton, MA on August 29, 2016.

22nd Sunday | Ordinary Time

Catholic Sunday Mass celebrated at the University of Notre Dame for August 28, 2016.